Behind the Velvet Ropes: 8 A-List Celebrities Who Live for High-Stakes Casino Gambling

Estimated read time 5 min read, It’s no secret that celebrities love to indulge in the finer things in life, and high-stakes casino gambling is no exception. From poker to blackjack, these A-listers can often be found behind the velvet ropes of some of the world’s most exclusive casinos.

One such celebrity is Ben Affleck, who is known for his love of blackjack. In fact, he has been known to win big at high-stakes games and even got kicked out of a casino for counting cards. Another celebrity who enjoys the thrill of gambling is Tiger Woods. He is a regular at Las Vegas casinos and has been known to play for stakes as high as $25,000 per hand.

Other famous faces who enjoy hitting the casino floor include Michael Jordan, who is known to have a passion for craps, and Jennifer Tilly, who has won a World Series of Poker bracelet. Even the royal family gets in on the action, with Prince Harry having been spotted playing blackjack and roulette at several casinos.

While some may view gambling as a risky activity, these celebrities seem to thrive on the adrenaline rush that comes with the possibility of winning big. And with their deep pockets, they can afford to take those risks. So next time you’re at the casino, keep an eye out for these A-listers behind the velvet ropes.

While many people might think that celebrities spend all their free time sipping champagne and attending glamorous events, the truth is that some of them are major casino enthusiasts. From A-list actors to superstar athletes, these celebs love nothing more than hitting the casino floor and taking on high-stakes games of poker, blackjack, and craps.

One of the most famous celebrity gamblers is Ben Affleck, who has been known to drop millions of dollars at the tables over the years. Other actors who are passionate about gambling include George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Tobey Maguire, all of whom have been spotted at casinos around the world.

Of course, it’s not just actors who love to gamble. Athletes like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Floyd Mayweather are also famous for their love of high-stakes gambling, and have been known to wager millions of dollars on a single hand of blackjack or roll of the dice.

While gambling can be a risky business, these celebrities have the means to absorb any losses and keep on playing. For them, the thrill of the game is worth the risk, and they’ll continue to hit the casino floor for as long as they can.

8 A-List Celebrities

Ben Affleck:
Known for his acting prowess, Ben Affleck is also an avid gambler. Affleck has been spotted at numerous high-end casinos, showcasing his skills at the poker table. With a strategic mindset and a competitive spirit, he has even won the prestigious California State Poker Championship.

Tobey Maguire:
Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire is not just a hero on the big screen; he’s also a formidable player at the poker table. Maguire has been known to participate in high-stakes poker games, where his analytical skills and ability to read opponents have earned him substantial winnings.

Jennifer Tilly:
Actress Jennifer Tilly has made her mark not only in Hollywood but also in the world of professional poker. With a World Series of Poker bracelet to her name, Tilly has proven herself as a formidable player. Her passion for the game and her skills at the poker table have garnered her respect among the gambling community.

Matt Damon:
Best known for his role in the “Ocean’s” film series, Matt Damon has a genuine affinity for the world of gambling. Damon has been spotted playing poker in exclusive casinos and has even participated in prestigious tournaments. His love for the game is evident in his portrayal of a skilled poker player in the movie “Rounders.”

Tiger Woods:
Renowned for his golfing prowess, Tiger Woods is also known to enjoy the thrill of high-stakes gambling. Woods has been spotted at casinos, particularly in Las Vegas, where he has been known to participate in high-stakes blackjack games. His competitive nature and appetite for risk extend beyond the golf course.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.:
Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. is no stranger to high-stakes gambling. Mayweather is known for his extravagant bets on sporting events, often placing wagers worth millions of dollars. His love for the adrenaline rush of gambling is well-documented, and he is often seen enjoying the casino lifestyle.

Pamela Anderson:
Actress and model Pamela Anderson has had her fair share of casino adventures. Anderson is known for her love of poker and has participated in various celebrity poker tournaments. Her passion for the game and her glamorous presence at the tables make her a notable celebrity in the world of high-stakes gambling.

Michael Jordan:
Basketball icon Michael Jordan is not only a legend on the court but also a high-stakes gambler. Jordan has been known to place substantial bets on various sports, including golf and basketball. His competitive nature drives him to seek the thrill of high-stakes gambling, making him a prominent figure in the casino world.


Behind the velvet ropes of exclusive casinos, an elite group of A-list celebrities finds solace and excitement in the world of high-stakes gambling. From actors and actresses to athletes and musicians, these celebrities have embraced the thrill of the game and the exhilaration of taking risks for potentially large rewards. Whether it’s honing their skills at the poker table or placing extravagant bets on sporting events, these celebrities showcase their passion for high-stakes casino gambling. As they indulge in the excitement and luxury of the casino lifestyle, they add another layer of glamour to the already captivating world of high-stakes gambling.

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